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Order Cardio Cocktail - Two convenient ways to order:

Call us at 845-353-7519 917-969-1128 or 201-352-5619 - best way to get full details, have your questions answered, discuss health and wellness, get monthly specials and the best pricing.


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Click On Bottle To Order at Shopping Cart

Cardio Cocktail comes in a 32 oz. safety sealed bottle and sells for $69.95 - (monthly auto ship available).  This bottle provides a 32 day supply.  Recommended daily dose - 1 oz. per day... or more as desired. 

 Please call for our specials!

Priced too low to show!  Lowest Price Guaranteed.

Our price for 1 bottle of Cardio Cocktail is $69.95 plus shipping. Please call for our specials and best pricing.  My background is in the cardiovascular field with more than 40 years of experience.

Please call us 845-353-7519 or 917-969-1128 when ordering for the lowest price. 

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Cardio Cocktail L-Arginine Liquid Supplement

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Price: $69.95 per 32 oz. bottle 1 bottle purchase

  Call for our special offers!  Priced too low to show!

Call us at 845-353-7519 or 201-362-5619 or 917-969-1128  ask for Peter or Bob


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Cardio Cocktail L -Arginine Liquid Supplement
Price: $69.95

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